Typerating Training for Embraer Aircraft

For airline customers lacking their own Approved Training Organization (ATO), DAT provides EASA-compliant and approved EMB 170 Typerating Training. Our curriculum is designed to suit a full crew configuration, whether it’s Captain/First Officer teams or pairs of Captains or First Officers, ensuring flexibility and compliance for your operational needs.

We invite airlines to reach out for a tailored offer that aligns with your specific requirements. Additionally, individual pilots holding a CPL/IR and seeking to enhance their qualifications with a valuable Typerating for an aircraft poised for increased popularity are encouraged to contact us for a customized proposal.

Embark on your journey to mastery with DAT’s Typerating Training, specifically crafted for those aiming to specialize in Embraer aircraft operation. Whether you’re enhancing your crew’s competencies or advancing your personal career with a Typerating, Recurrent Training, or an E2 Difference Course, we’re here to support your ambitions with our expertly designed programs.

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Training Journey

Discover Flexible Training Solutions with DAT

At Dutch Aviation Trainers (DAT), we understand the dynamics and specific needs of the aviation industry. Through our diverse simulator partners and locations, we offer tailored solutions that perfectly match your schedule and requirements. Our pricing may vary based on the availability and location of the training facility. Explore our array of training and evaluation options below.

Explore More Services we Offer

LPC Revalidation

Keep your Embraer license current with our License Proficiency Check (LPC) revalidation service. Booking your LPC within three months of the expiration ensures your license is extended by a year from its original expiry date. We guarantee EASA compliance and offer full crew sessions, with support pilots available if needed.

Recurrent/Recency Training

Maintain and enhance your flying skills with our tailored recurrent or recency training, designed to increase your knowledge, proficiency, and confidence. Suitable for full crews, we provide custom-fit scenarios and support pilots on request.

TRI/SFI Course

Advance your career by training to become a TRI or SFI with us. Our courses include LIFUS and Landing Training modules, with options for stand-alone courses in Teaching/Learning and Technical Training/Flight Instruction, tailored to your experience.

EMB E2 Difference Course

Maintain and enhance your flying skills with our tailored recurrent or recency training, designed to increase your knowledge, proficiency, and confidence. Suitable for full crews, we provide custom-fit scenarios and support pilots on request.

Individual Qualifications

For expired Typerating/LPCs, we offer License Renewal based on your experience and time on type, in partnership with our ATO, ensuring you meet the minimum requirements for license renewal.

Flexible Training Solutions

Training/Checking on Demand

We cater to airlines in need of qualified TRI’s/SFI’s, Line Instructors, Aircraft Trainers, or Examiners, offering typerating training tailored to your requirements and standards, backed by our team of fully qualified instructors and examiners.

Training Packages

Seeking a comprehensive, hassle-free training solution? Our all-inclusive packages cover training, evaluation, and logistical support, including transportation and accommodations, along with local area exploration tips.

Training Consultancy

With extensive experience in various training domains, our team offers consultancy services to design your training programs, write syllabi, and ensure compliance with EASA regulations or specific CAA requirements, preparing your organization for the future.

Unlock Your Wings with

DAT Aviation Trainers

Embark on a journey of excellence with DAT Aviation Trainers. Our comprehensive programs, led by seasoned instructors, propel you towards success in the aviation industry. Experience expert guidance, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to safety as you unlock your potential and soar to new heights. Explore our training programs today.

Dutch Aviation Trainers delivers the best training services in a friendly environment at a market-based price.
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Our Client Success Stories

“Their knowledge about the EMB190 is solid and they are very standard about the procedures.”

AMAS Airlines Uruguay

“The cooperation with DAT during the startup phase has proved essential to achieve our goals during such a critical phase of operations.”

EGO Airways

“I’m glad I decided to work with DAT. Outstanding and high quality training. Experienced, instructive and professional.”

Capt. Rodrigo Maudonnet

“The ease and flexibility in planning the session was great. It fits in the current time we live in, where adaptability and flexibility is required from pilots.”

Devin Scherpenzeel

First Officer EMB 170/190

“Revalidating my EMB 170 rating with Dutch Aviation Trainers was a great experience and I can surely recommend it.”

Johnno the Mebel

First Officer EMB 170/190

“It was a very enriching experience due to the high level of professionalism of the instructors.”

AMAS Airlines Uruguay

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