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Alex Vogel

Chief Instructor

EMB 170/190

Crafted in Germany with roots in South Africa, my path diverged from a Law degree to the skies. My flight training journey spanned South Africa and Austria in the late ’90s, leading me to the cockpit of a Fokker 70/100 as a First Officer with Tyrolean Airways/Austrian in Vienna. My career evolved as I took the Captain’s seat on a DH8, followed by a venture into wide-body aviation as a B777 First Officer with Emirates from 2007 to 2010. Seeking adventure beyond the cockpit, I embarked on a six-month kayaking expedition around the Solomon Islands in 2010. My instructional journey began in 2011 as a Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI) on the EMB170/190 for Flight Safety International in Singapore. By 2013, I was flying the EMB190 as a freelance Captain for Denim Air in Morocco. My freelance career has since taken me across Europe, Turkey, Libya, Tanzania, Botswana, and Myanmar, where I’ve amassed invaluable experience on all E-jet variants, including the Lineage, serving as a Captain, Line Trainer, and Type Rating Instructor (TRI). Currently, I fly the HondaJet as a Line Training Captain in West Africa, alongside my role as Chief Instructor for the EMB170/190 at Dutch ATO Services. Having piloted the Fokker 70/100, which I regard as the pinnacle of my flying experience, uniquely positions me as an instructor within a Dutch ATO. Welcome to our dynamic team, where Embraer Training, Typerating, Recurrent Training, and the E2 Difference Course are at the forefront of aviation excellence.

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Paul ten Hof



Rob Hol


Accountable Manager

Jos Linders

Head of Training

Captain Embraer 175E1/190...

Eelco Hoogvorst


Safety Manager

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Embark on a journey of excellence with DAT Aviation Trainers. Our comprehensive programs, led by seasoned instructors, propel you towards success in the aviation industry. Experience expert guidance, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to safety as you unlock your potential and soar to new heights. Explore our training programs today.

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We believe in fostering a team spirit, where every pilot training with us feels part of our extended family. Our trainers are not just instructors, they are mentors, guides, and colleagues who share a common goal: to help you excel in your career as an Embraer pilot. Our philosophy is built on the foundation of mutual respect, passion for aviation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


Our Client Success Stories

“Their knowledge about the EMB190 is solid and they are very standard about the procedures.”

AMAS Airlines Uruguay

“The cooperation with DAT during the startup phase has proved essential to achieve our goals during such a critical phase of operations.”

EGO Airways

“I’m glad I decided to work with DAT. Outstanding and high quality training. Experienced, instructive and professional.”

Capt. Rodrigo Maudonnet

“The ease and flexibility in planning the session was great. It fits in the current time we live in, where adaptability and flexibility is required from pilots.”

Devin Scherpenzeel

First Officer EMB 170/190

“Revalidating my EMB 170 rating with Dutch Aviation Trainers was a great experience and I can surely recommend it.”

Johnno the Mebel

First Officer EMB 170/190

“It was a very enriching experience due to the high level of professionalism of the instructors.”

AMAS Airlines Uruguay

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